Q. How do I download my photos?

A. Here are the steps for downloading one or aphotos:

  1. Go to your album
  2. Click on a picture
  3. Click "Download Image"
  4. Click "All Available" or "Original"
  5. Password Protected? Ask Josh
  6. Save to your computer, and you're done!


Q. Josh, Why do you look so damn good?
A. I use Noxema facial cream.



Q. What are your prices?

Different events have different prices. Many factors come to play when deciding my price; like traveling costs, equipment I'll need to bring, how many hours, how many people I'm shooting, will you need prints or high resolution pictures on CD. Stuff like that. Just e-mail me your scenario and I will get back to you with a fair package price. Not accepting TFP right now, unless I think it will improve my portfolio. Otherwise, my equipment isn't cheap, I need to pay for it somehow!


Q. What's your Contact Information?

A. I'm a pretty easy guy to get in contact with...

E-mail Address: [email protected] (Checked daily)

Phone: (856) 278-0879